Hard copy Safe Child Act by Barry Goldstein

Wisconsin Safe child act request 2015 direct link to safe child act blogger page and email list

Please forward to Wisconsin Reps,legislators,and gov( see email list in link )Safe child act Please Email this Link to all Wisconsin representatives and Legislators: Thank You “REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION” __on behalf of The Countless families and child…Read More

FMSF Origins, via stopchildabuse and more via history

FMSF Origins, torso of ritual sacrifice identified, police dismiss rape case because of low IQs, sex slave cult, cult leader jailed for sex abuse…Read More

Legal Source list on discredited theories in family court

Ragland, E. R. & Fields, H. (2004). Parental Alienation Syndrome: What Professionals Need to Know. NCPCA Update, 16(6-7). Alexandria , VA: American Prosecutors Research Institute. Part one: NCPCA Update Newsletter Volume 16, Number 6, 2003 …Read More

Hawaii is in need of The Safe Child Act ?

New Hampshire in need of Safe Child Act?

Utah is in need of the Safe Child Act ?

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