Petition for a national Safe Child Act

Petition for a national Safe Child Act

safe child act 2013 The heart of the proposal is the requirement that professionals used to provide expertise and advice to the court are knowledgeable about the five subjects required for an understanding of domestic violence. These are:

1. Knowing what behaviors are associated with higher risk of lethality or injury.

2. Domestic violence dynamics

3. The effects of domestic violence on children.

4. Recognizing domestic violence

5. Batterer narratives.

With these provisions the courts can stop sending children to live with dangerous abusers. Instead of pressuring mothers to cooperate with their abusers they can be using their power and authority to require him to stop his abuse if he wants to have a relationship with the children. It is important for legislators and court professionals to understand that children do not need both parents equally. They need the safe parent more than the abusive one and their primary attachment figure more than their other parent. It is certainly high time the courts start making decisions that are truly based on what is really in the best interests of the children.
by Barry Goldstein