Wolf puppies at risk of dying

County Administrative Board of Västmanland decided on 16 January on the controlled hunting of two wolves. The decision is clear that the search will focus on the parent animals. In the territory is under the substrate in the order 7-8 puppies.

- We are very critical to the county administrative board's decision and thinks the decision will mean that the puppies will probably not survive! Sven-Erik Alhem, predators responsible for Animal Welfare Sweden.

Puppies do not hunt themselves as long as they live with their parents without the parents hunt and provide the puppies with food. This is probably because the wolves have so many puppies that attacks on domestic animals occurred, indicated as the reason for the decision.

- We believe that the County Board only taken into account domestic animals and their owners in the decision, but do not take responsibility for the consequences of the decision. Wolf pups are vulnerable to a long and painful death by starvation! Sven-Erik Alhem

Animal welfare Sweden has expressed criticism in a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, provincial government and the EU Commission.