To obsolete the use and production of throw away plastic packaging

The object is to stop use and production of harmful, polluting and unnecessary packaging; by refusing to accept it at the point of contact. Simple!

This means either finding or creating alternative sources of food supplies/goods in general (not always so easy), or being prepared to carry goods home in your own containers (easy). The producers ...will catch up when they get the message . . "Every little bit helps."

By refusing to accept the plastic wrappers and leaving them at the check out you are insisting on a better way of doing things and meeting half way with your own basic resources. This we can do! We are very resourceful. This is direct action. And will hopefully catch on. It is not difficult or too demanding to do; and it is not illegal. ...

This action will only be effective if enough people take part! We are linking up with other groups and organizations around the world. As well as direct action we will lobby businesses and governments to demand truly responsible practice and respect for the environment.

Energy/employment now put into production of this undesirable 'stuff' can be happily redirected towards continued conversion and recycling of existing plastic mass: Conversion into 'permanent' sustainable building material is just one idea.

Please sign the petition to register you willingness to take part in this action. You can also join the group if you wish: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/groups/refuseplasticlinkup/

Inquiries to: [email protected]

Signatories will be contacted and updated about forthcoming actions.