End Rhino Poaching by working together on finding solutions URGENT and VITAL

Solution to the Poaching Crisis

There is a solution to the poaching crisis. It may be INCONVENIENT to traders, but it will stop rhino poaching. Read the article below and comment on that site. http://news.mongabay.com/2014/1028-schuurman-rhino-interview-hern.html Join our campaign to…Read More

SOUTH AFRICANS: Please vote on rhino horn trade - IMPORTANT

Spend 30 seconds answering this important question: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/26KH6QZ Results will be forwarded to CITES, so they know what SA really believes. Two statements from https://www.environment.gov.za/mediarelease/rhinohorntrade needs to be…Read More

Unrestricted Truth about leaky borders, bad governance and official lethargy causing Rhino Decimation

A world renowned Television Journalist was able to tell the UNRESTRICTED TRUTH in this film about rhino poaching. With good reason, it was done independently (by Endgame Media) and the real story of leaky borders, bad governance, abject poverty and apathy of…Read More

The Solution to Rhino Poaching

In this compelling program, Earth Touch examines the most successful deterrent to Rhino poaching yet. The Dutch Postcode Lottery has supplied funding to The Peace Parks Foundation to ensure this is rolled out to all live rhino as soon as possible. Watch the…Read More

Should Wildlife Parts be Legally Traded?

Yes (5% people answered this) No (91% people answered this) Only under CITES control, as is currently the case (2% people answered this) Only under control of a body chosen by paying Eco-tourists (0% people answered this) 2018 people voted. Please…Read More

Should China do more before we support awards?

Urge China to fully eradicate trade before supporting CITES awards (87% people answered this) Support the award now, unconditionally (3% people answered this) Support the award on condition that they do more soon (8% people answered this) 156 people…Read More
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