Back to Protect Ocean Predators

Thanks for supporting sharks, now lets build a movement

Thanks for taking the pledge to protect ocean predators. We are overfishing the top predators from our oceans. 90% of many pelagic species have been lost, and it is estimated that at the rate we are fishing, the oceans will be fished out by 2048.
Its time to give big fish a rest. MSC certifications only forestall the inevitable. Fisheries data are absent, confusion between "sustainable" and "healthy fisheries" abounds. Undisclosed data and market pressure are blue washing certifications of swordfish and Bluefin Tuna. These fish are high in mercury, high in bycatch and we should just leave it alone for the health of humans and the ocean's fish populations.
Tell a friend and build the movement to protect ocean predators before its too late.

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