Mitt Romney on Energy

Quoted from Mitt Romney's website:


"President Obama has described his own energy policy as a 'hodgepodge,' sent billions of taxpayer dollars to green energy projects run by political cronies, rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline as not in 'the national interest,' and sought repeatedly to stall development of America's domestic resources. Rather than embrace the nation's abundant energy resources, the President has used endless delays, reviews, litigation, and overregulation to both slow their development and elevate his chosen 'green' alternatives. He has gone so far as to impose regulations designed to 'bankrupt' the coal industry, and his Administration was held in contempt of federal court for illegally imposing a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico..."

"Under the Obama Administration, leasing and permitting on federal lands and offshore are down by half. Last year, oil and gas production on federal lands plummeted. Today, the Gulf of Mexico is producing hundreds of thousands fewer barrels per day than expected. And the EPA predicts that another coal power plant will never be built in this country..."


"Mitt Romney will make America an energy superpower, rapidly and responsibly increasing our own production and partnering with our allies Canada and Mexico to achieve energy independence on this continent by 2020. This will require genuine support for increased energy production, a more rational approach to regulation, and a government that facilitates private-sector-led development of new energy technologies by focusing on funding research and removing barriers, rather than chasing fads and picking winners and losers.

Empower states to control onshore energy development

States will be empowered to control all forms of energy production on all lands within their borders, excluding only those that are specifically designated off-limits. Federal agencies will certify, but the states will lead.

Open offshore areas for energy development

Mitt will establish the most robust five-year offshore lease plan in history, that opens new areas for resource development – including off the coasts of Virginia and the Carolinas – and sets minimum production targets to increase accountability.

Pursue a North American Energy Partnership

Mitt will approve the Keystone XL pipeline, establish a new regional agreement to facilitate cross-border energy investment, promote and expand regulatory cooperation with Canada and Mexico and institute fast-track regulatory approval processes for cross-border pipelines and other infrastructure.

Ensure accurate assessment of energy resources

Instead of relying on decades-old surveys developed with decades-old technologies, Mitt's plan facilitates new energy assessments to determine the true extent of our resource endowment.

Restore transparency and fairness to permitting and regulation

Mitt will pursue measured reforms of our environmental laws and regulations to strengthen environmental protection without destroying jobs or paralyzing industries. Mitt's plan will also streamline the gauntlet of reviews, processes, administrative procedures, and lawsuits that mire so many new projects in red tape.

Facilitate private-sector-led development of new energy technologies

Mitt will promote innovation by focusing the federal government on the job it does best – research and development – and will eliminate any barriers that might prevent new energy technologies from succeeding on their own merits. Strengthening and streamlining regulations and permitting processes will benefit the development of both traditional and alternative energy sources, and encourage the use of a diverse range of fuels including natural gas in transportation."

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