Do you think it will help you and your family to "slow the rise of the oceans" and "heal the planet"

  • Absolutely not. (0% people answered this)
  • Of course. (85% people answered this)
  • I'm not sure. (14% people answered this)
  • I don't care about helping my family or myself. (0% people answered this)
  • I don't care about the ocean or the planet. (0% people answered this)

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Save the Humans FUEL FEST, a non-profit music and Internet platform, will use revenue generated from an annual 3-day off-the-grid festival to empower audiences with concrete solutions to free America from its dependence on fossil fuels. In the spirit of the World’s Fair, FUEL FEST will feature cutting-edge technologies and the world’s top energy experts to employ solutions that can save our country now.

From Rolling Stone, September 14, 2012 "Mitt Romney's Disastrous Energy Plan" By Jeff Goodell "The smirk appeared on Mitt Romney's face near the end of his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. President Obama, he said, had "promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans" and to "heal the planet." Here Romney paused, giving the crowd in Tampa a moment to savor the fact that he was about to turn climate change – arguably the greatest challenge civilization has ever faced – into a joke. "My promise," he said, "is to help you and your family." The smirk summed up everything you need to know about the GOP's addiction to fossil fuels. Even George W. Bush – a Texas oilman and loyal servant to Big Oil – paid lip service to the importance of clean energy and the risks of climate change. But what Romney and the Republicans are offering voters this November isn't a coherent energy plan. It's a suicide note." Read more: Question everything and form your own opinion. Then - VOICE your opinion. You Are Democracy In Action
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