Which is more important: subsidies for oil companies, or financial aid for students to attend colleg

  • Financial aid for students. Students need help. (90% people answered this)
  • Subsidies for oil companies. Oil companies need help. (0% people answered this)
  • I'm not sure. (10% people answered this)

10 people voted.

Save the Humans FUEL FEST, a non-profit music and Internet platform, will use revenue generated from an annual 3-day off-the-grid festival to empower audiences with concrete solutions to free America from its dependence on fossil fuels. In the spirit of the World’s Fair, FUEL FEST will feature cutting-edge technologies and the world’s top energy experts to employ solutions that can save our country now.

At the Senate Finance Committee on Big Oil, Senator Chuck Schumer challenges our priorities. The budget deficit demands cuts, so we must choose where to cut funding. $66 billion - profits made by the top five Big Oil companies in the first half of 2012 $36 billion - student loan debt held by people OVER 60 years old What do you think?


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