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The Wind Dancer Wild Horse Preserve, ("hearts-on-horses")

Hello Friends: Thank you very much for the Support of this cause!
Your signatures improve our chances that Grant applications and financial donations and sponsorship will succeed for the Wind dancer Preserve and Farm. We feel the need is urgent as the BLM and other agencies and companies do not seem to share our love or understanding of the importance of the Wild Horse in America. Rather than wait around for more horses to be rounded up, slaughtered or left languishing in pens across the country, we are creating this Sanctuary of 2000 acres for them to remain Wild and secluded. The Sanctuary (Preserve) will also have Barn, paddock structures and Fenced areas. The second stage of Blueprints and plans include Hay fields, orchards and organic farm as well as an educational/conference facility for Wildlife protection. integrative Organic and Green Farm/Ranch practices and an Art Gallery for Wild Horse photography and Art. The Priority is to provide Safety and habitat for the horses however, with hay production an immediate second consideration. We feel that Hay production will allow us to be especially supportive of allied Rescues in the region and so that non-profit fundraising will go towards structural repairs, fencing and the like. We hope you will see this need as well and support us with your signatures, donations and sharing for this cause. We hope you will also remember to consider us for fiscal sponsorship, plans or donations. We can save these beautiful horses together, for ourselves and for future generations! Thank you for caring! Best Wishes! Susan Leffingwell-Letourneau and Cheryl Mansfield, The Wind Dancer Wild Horse Preserve and Organic Farm Project, Fundraising Event*. Susan Leffingwell Letourneau (founder). * For your security, please make donations through Paypal.You can do this by signing up with Paypal (a free service) then donate to [email protected]. With your support, we will be able to start building structures, put in fencing and irrigation, and integrate wind and Solar power, within the year!


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