Jubilee 2012 Game features karmArmy recruiting new heroes!

The "Jubilee Plan" will work with 100% certainty with just simple awareness, and education. The People only have to benefit by removing the parasite which has kept them enslaved for centuries. Therefore, RECRUITING more people to the cause is the most…Read More

Jubilee Music Video. "Jubilee, Let It Be" -Beatles covered poorly.

Bill Hicks "It's just a game" Wanna make it a better game where we don't live in fear, lack, ignorance, and hate? Well here is the basis for the new game. We can revise rules as we go, and I'm sure there's awesome stuff that I'm missing. But, we can have a…Read More

The Plan: "How to" Jubilee 2012 in your county.

Central Bankers are the only industry which can INVENT their own product. With this awesome power, they have enslaved the world in usury which is impossible to pay as more money is always owed than what exists in circulation. This usury fraud occurs on gold,…Read More

Jesus was killed by "money lenders" over the fraud of interest.

The two biggest secrets on the planet are 1. that interest in a mathematic fraud which creates victims with certainty. 2. that interest is the reason the world sucks right now for most people and evil/corruption is everywhere 3. Interest is completely…Read More

"Money as Debt III" supports the need for Universal Debt Jubilee!

http://www.youtube.com/embed/f6uuAupT4AQ The universal debt Jubilee used to be each 50 years or so. We're at least 1000 years overdue. Time to repent, and forgive.....and... Time to PARTY!!!! There is ZERO need to live in fear, division, hate, lack, and…Read More

Legal Substantiation for interest based contracts being void.

http://vimeo.com/35805353 Interest/usury/riba is historically PROVEN to destroy societies. It is THE sin against mankind, and nature which is the ROOT CAUSE of misery on the planet.
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