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We have finally managed to arrange a date to get our beloved Bingo released from the animal centre and to lay him to rest. Tuesday 31st July we will go with our beautiful boy to Leyland pet cemetery where we will say our goodbyes and he will be cremated. His ashes will return to be with us forever. Brian Hibbert is back in court on 24th August as he is still refusing to pay Bingos cremation fee saying its not his responsibility. Hopefully the courts will see due to him deliberately murdering our Bingo that it his is responsibility to pay the fees. Take a Break magazine are also running Bingos story, it is in issue 34 and on sale on August 16th if any1 wants to read it. They did say they had to be careful how they worded the story but any1 reading between the lines will see that Bingo was tragically murdered. Brian Hibbert definately getting his name well known as an animal abuser which im pleased about. Please continue to follow us on our Justice 4 Bingo page where we are sharing causes and trying 2 help other animals.!/Justice4Bingo Bingo did not die in vain his name will continue to help others. RIP beautiful boy forever in our thoughts


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