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One yr ago yesterday Brian Hibbert fed milk and high levels of antifreeze to our beloved Bingo. One yr ago today we got that awful call from the vet to tell us Bingo could fight no more and passed over the rainbow bridge. Caitlin has had a very bad 2 days crying uncontrollably again and it been awful seeing her like that. We will always remember our beautiful boy and always be grateful to everyone who has supported us for the last year.Hopefully one day soon we will get Bingos animal sanctuary up and running in memory of him. As most of u may know we finally managed to move away from that awful place with all our animals and in the process ended up taking 8 stray dogs in 6 of them being newborn puppies that were abandoned at side of the road in freezing conditions.The puppies are now 5 wks old and doing well. Can anyone out their offer a 4eva home to 1 of these adorable puppies or to the mummy Maria and Bonita the spanial. If anyone can offer any donations bedding etc it wud be gratefully appreciated. We very nicely had a donation off Vicky Hingley which has bought in plenty of dog food for them for the time being. We are at the moment trying to raise £280 to get mummy Maria and Bonita the spanial spayed. We are also looking at trying to build a kennel block as there are so many more homeless dogs and cats out here and also skeletal and neglected horses etc. If anyone can help at all please get in touch or message me through the Justice 4 Bingo page!/Justice4Bingo Pictures of these adorable little bears can also be seen on that page or my home page. Thankyou again to everyone for their support. RIP Bingo always in our hearts and mind we will love u always


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