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We are very happy to announce that we have finally managed to move us and our animals away from Coniston Ave and the cat killers and their sick sidekicks. Our animals can now run free and play safely with no fear of being harmed. Since we moved i found a little spaniel laying on the white lines in the road with a wire tied round her throat. When i stopped she ran off into a ditch although she was wagging her tail at me. When i got up close to the ditch there was a little terrier tied by the throat to the fence at the bottom of the ditch. She could not be seen from the road. She had 7 newborn pups with her and 3 had died as it was a freezing morning. I managed to revive 2 at the roadside then took them all back with me including the dead one 2 bury. The little spanial had saved all their lives by alerting me. I believe these are Bingos plans for us to help other animals and hopefully one day we will have an animal sanctuary named after our beloved Bingo. People can follow updates and see pictures of the 2 dogs and puppies i took back on!/Justice4Bingo?fref=ts . Thankyou again for all your support


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