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Been back in court today with Brian Hibbert to try and get him to pay Bingos cremation fees. Very pleased to announce that we won the case and he has to pay the cremation fee and court costs in full within 14 days. He was asked what his defence was for not paying and he said he had spent his savings and cudnt afford to, thats not a defence thats an excuse. He also took print outs of what people are saying about him on here which is pathetic as obviously that has no relevance whatsoever as the case was about who was responsible for incurring Bingos cremation bill. He is still trying to portray being the victim by going on about poor health and no money but it didnt get him anywhere. Caitlin is thrilled with the outcome and hopefully now she will get some closure. A big thankyou to everyone on here for their continuous support thro all of this. RIP Bingo justice has been done beautiful boy. We will still continue to fight to help other animals in need in memory of Bingo sp please keep posting pics of your pets or animals in need on our Justice 4 Bingo page!/Justice4Bingo/posts/423710290999734?notif_t=feed_comment. Having spoken to our MP again he said the debate he took for us on tougher laws for all animal abusers has caused quite a stir and he has been approached by different people/animal charities from all over the country about this and he advised them all to target MPs all over to try and get them to all join forces so thats brilliant news too


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