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Bingo was finally laid to rest this morning a very sad day for us all. We have brought his ashes home in a sleeping cat urn so he will be with us always. After a very bad night last night Caitlin coped amazingly today and we are so proud of her, she wants to take his ashes with her everywhere she goes at the moment. RIP beautiful boy always in our hearts, you brought so much joy to us in the short time you had. Your memory will live on as we continue to try and help other animals on our Justice 4 Bingo page set up in your memory!/Justice4Bingo/posts/416249665079130?notif_t=feed_comment Thankyou to everyone who has supported us throughout this. Now we just have the court case to attend on 24th August to try and make Brian Hibbert pay Bingos funeral costs which im determined we will win. Will keep you all posted on that 1. Please continue to share your pics and causes to help other animals in need on our Justice 4 Bingo page as posted above


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