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Sorry for the radio silence....we have been posting most information on GMO news on our Facebook page - admittedly I still don't understand how this page and the FB work... :/ if you want to stay tuned in on a regular basis there is a FB page by the same name. Anyway on Prop 37 even tho the result was 47% yes to 53% no, not all the votes have been counted! over 3,000,000 are still out - got this info from Jim Gerritsen and looked up the California secretary of State website and found a PDF that confirms the following: Callifornia counties have until 7th dec to submit their results and there is a PDF (see link below and click where it says unprocessed ballot report) updated on 8th ...See More

Unprocessed Ballots Status | California General Election | California Secretary of State
Semi-Official Election Results, California General Election, Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

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