Sorry for the radio silence....we have been posting most information on GMO news on our Facebook page - admittedly I still don't understand how this page and the FB work... :/ if you want to stay tuned in on a regular basis there is a FB page by the…Read More

Awareness and interest is growing! Support a local ban on Round Up - check out and like our Facebook page for more info

HI there, For those on Facebook, check out and like our FB page: Bermudians Say NO to GMO where regular updates on international news on GMOs, the health hazards of glyphosate/Round UP are posted and where you can join the recent growing local interest in…Read More

please help raise awareness on GMOs and the importance of this issue

Many thanks to all of you who have joined our cause. We understand that everyone is increasingly bombarded by many worthy causes and have tried not to send out too many messages. We have been active and things are happening behind the scenes and we hope to…Read More

Please visit, like and share our Facebook Page

I am not sure (and its hard to tell) if cause members are aware that the cause also has a Facebook page, where we are posting updates such as relevant information on actions being taken by other countries on GMO…Read More


check out this video clip from the movie Food Inc. Share it and if you haven't already, I would urge you to watch the movie. No one has the right to control what belongs to all of us.

A little more reading - please remember to pass our site against GMO to your friends - the more folks we get the more we'll have an inpact.

GMOs and Ecological Impacts Aerial spraying of genetically engineered soybean crop The introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has created an emotionally charged worldwide public discussion. The development of crops with newly injected DNA has…Read More
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