to create awareness about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and start a petition to stop GMO seed importation into Bermuda

Bermuda's independent spirit and resilience is under threat. Monsanto is a huge multi national bio technology corporation seeking to control food production by taking out patents on seeds which they are genetically modifying and by conducting aggressive take overs of smaller independent seed companies. They have positioned supporters in key positions in the US legislature and FDA to enable them to continue this take over, and their controversially sought patents on seeds empower them to sue farmers for using seeds from their own plants if they are in any way contaminated by cross pollination with Monsanto Genetically Modified seeds. They are driving smaller companies out of business and are facing law suits from various countries such as India who are suing them for biopiracy. Bermuda has the ability to protect itself from these artificially engineered products which should be considered an invasive species and banned from importation into Bermuda.