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The world situation is becoming drastic..likely to have a strong or far-reaching effect; radical and extreme." .we have millions of displaced people drinking fowl water and contaminated food , disease , viruses , etc...therefore Reiki and sound healers and…Read More

prepare yourself for the 13th paradigm all healers

the 13th paradigm is in full swing dominic

the 13 th paradigm

the new paradigm is in full swing dominic

alpha omega

Reiki sound healers acupuncture healers are all welcome on this forum , let us know something about you dominic


These are the sorts of e-mails I get about people who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder ,due to the fact that the major motivation for the narcissist is the gaining of power. They are grown people with a hurting, damaged, raging child inside, and…Read More


What is Reiki? Reiki is Japanese meaning ('Rei') 'Wisdom', 'Universal Power', 'Higher Power' or 'Spiritual Awareness' and ('Ki') 'Life force', 'Internal Energy'. It is believed to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice. Reiki is a non-intrusive…Read More

inner circle drum corp hello would you like to help me with this , saving tradition over 200 band and drums in the uk have been disbanded we need to keep regimental traditions alive
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