I want my neighbor to pay for what he has done to my dogs and my kids

March 2011: Boy, a 12 year old Golden Lab dog was shot in his own driveway and suffered for 2 hours with his intestines exposed. The neighbor accused the dog of killing his sheep...a dog that was an inside dog that was out just long enough to use the bathroom, that limped on his back right leg and too sick to even run.

Neighbor received $50 fine for vandalism and criminal mischief which he refused to pay. He plead not guilty and had a trial date for September 29th 2011 in Hamilton, Texas and lost, thankfully. This is still not justice for Boy and Zeak though. That day after court, Mr. Klatt threw a bunch of papers of my postings about this in my driveway and a cardboard sign with 'You'll need this for the next dog that is shot' written on it. I called the police and they did try to issue a warrant for stalking charges but for some reason the judge would not sign the warrant. They were going to try to file charges for harassment instead but never followed trough with it.

September 2011: Zeak was killed on neighbor's property (he ran over him with his truck) and strung to the fence by the street for the school bus children to see at least twice a day, including my two young children who have nightmares due to this horrific act. He also strung up a dead sheep (which was already decaying) next to the still warm, limp Zeak claiming he killed the dog because the dog killed his sheep. He posted several provoking signs between the 2 dead animals harassing my family and myself.

A deputy was called and didn't do anything. He failed to compare the decaying sheep to the decaying process of the dog, nor did he notice the lack of any evidence such as no blood around Zeak's face, to indicate that the dog had attacked anything. Look close at the picture. All you will see if FRESH blood still dripping from Zeak's nose.

Please help me in getting justice for my dogs and to try and get him prosecuted under the law 42.092. sections 2 & 3, section 8 b and 1 & 2, 6 and section e 1. Or even ask that the law be changed. The way the law is written now is 'it is a defense to the prosecution under subsection (b) (2) or (6) that: the animal was discovered on the person's property in the act of or after injuring or killing the persons livestock animal or damaging the persons crops and that person killed or injured the animal at the time of this discovery.

Please take a minute to sign the petition for Hamilton's County Attorney: http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-any-and-all-suffering-of-animals-no-matter-what-the-reason

I also have a chipin page if you would like to donate for filing civil suits against the man that did this and for attorney fees. Please go to: http://safety4mykids.chipin.com/justice-for-boy-and-zeak

Thank you from the bottom of Boy's, Zeak's and my heart!