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White Buffalo and Mother Killed in Texas

White Buffalo and Mother Killed in Texas

Reward at $30,000

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GREENVILLE, TEXAS – Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother, Buffalo Woman, were killed and slaughtered before the special white buffalo reached his first birthday. He was slaughtered and skinned while the Little Soldier Family was out of town in Oklahoma City.

Lightning Medicine Cloud and
his mother, Buffalo Woman last Summer

Lightning Medicine Cloud, a white buffalo, was born on the Lakota Ranch on May 12, 2011. A special naming ceremony was held at the ranch on June 29, which drew thousands of people from various parts of the United States.

Arby Little Soldier, Lakota, great-great-great grandson of Sitting Bull and owner/operator of the ranch, stated then that the birth of a white buffalo is one in ten million occurrence.

Among some American Indian tribes, it is believed that the message of a white buffalo is that humankind should live with the understanding that all living beings are linked and interdependent. The birth of a white buffalo is an opportunity for all people to collectively focus their energy on the peaceful, healthy and harmonious world.

“I discovered Lightning Medicine Cloud dead after we returned home from Oklahoma City. Whoever came on to our ranch killed him, stripped the meat. I could tell it was him because the head was left with its white hair, along with the tail,”

Little Soldier told the Native News Network on Sunday night.

“On the other side of the pond, we discovered his mother. She was hit be a poisonous arrow. She died later last Monday night,”

Little Soldier continued.

“Whoever did this, singled out Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother,”

stated Little Soldier.

“I am clueless at this point about who did. The Texas Rangers, BIA police and FBI are investigating this crime. Some are calling it a hate crime. I feel completely dishonored and disgraced. And, I am mad.”

Little Soldier says his ranch is securely fenced in and believes the person or people responsible for the killings must have known they were out of town.

Little Soldier, who initially offered a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the premeditated crime deaths of the two buffalos, says the reward has grown to $30,000 because others have called to add to the reward.

The Greenville Scholarship Powwow that scheduled to celebrate Lightning Medicine Cloud's birthday for May 11-12 will proceed as planned. All are welcome for the Traditional Scholarship Powwow that Greenville has hosted for the past 18 years, which will be held at the Lakota Ranch in Greenville, Texas.

In a statement on their website, the Little Soldiers have this message:

"As we mourn the death of Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother, it is so important to us that his legacy will forever live on through the message he brought as, 'The Hope of All Nations'. Lightning was brought in as a spiritual blessing from God and taken out by the hands of evil people. We will gird ourselves with new strength, as we know this terrible crime will NOT go unsolved, and there will be closure for us all, and consequences for those who did it."

"I do want to say thank you to people who have called and donated money towards the reward," Little Soldier said. "People have called us from Washington State, Oregon, California, Maine and many other states in the country. My wife and I appreciate the outpouring of sympathy and support."

Shirley Sikors assisted with this story.

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