White Buffalo and Mother Killed in Texas

White Buffalo and Mother Killed in Texas Reward at $30,000 Levi Rickert, editor-in-chief in Native Currents. Discussion » GREENVILLE, TEXAS – Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother, Buffalo Woman, were killed and slaughtered before the special white…Read More

Game hunt for sacred white buffaloes riles Native groups - On U.S NEWS MSNBC.COM

A big-game hunting ranch in Texas faced a stampede of criticism this week when Lakota Indians noticed that the business was offering a White Buffalo Hunting Package for $13,500, Indian Country Today Media reported. White buffalo are considered sacred among…Read More

Buffalo Hunt Causing Uproar Throughout Indian Country Will Stop

“We’re outraged,” James Swan remarks regarding the white buffalo hunt offered by a Texas hunting ranch. “We don’t have a problem with people having [white buffalo]. We just have a problem with people making big bucks killing them.” Swan is a Cheyenne River…Read More

Indian Country - Today media network.com

American Indians across the internet are flocking to the website of Texas Hunt Lodge today—and not because they’re planning a hunting trip. No, they’re alarmed by a page on the site dedicated to the White Buffalo Hunt Package, which advertises a chance to…Read More


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