What do you think is the youngest a person can be to get Dementia?

65 (0% people answered this) 50 (14% people answered this) 30's (28% people answered this) It can affect anyone of any age. (57% people answered this) 7 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: It can affect anyone of any age. ---------- …Read More

Substandard level of care revealed.

Once again the substandard level of care giving to the elderly in hospitals has been highlighted again this week, I say "Once again" because this must be the 4th report published which criticizes not only staffs attitude to the elderly but also the pressure…Read More

Denial from others

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimers, carers often hear "but she doesn't look like she has Alzheimers" This can make the job of caring for them harder when others are in denial. Find out hear how Gary felt when these comments were made, and how he…Read More

Fantastic new blogger!

We have a fantastic new blogger on site, some of you may know her. Her name's Lisa and her blog is all about her journey with her mother who was diagnosed with alzheimers a while ago, read her first blog and keep an eye out for many more to come.…Read More

Brand new page on site!

Rotherhams new group Rotherham Less Lonely went live late friday night! Pop on over and find out what fantastic work they do http://bit.ly/I3skbi

Let's recruit.

Let's get as many people as possible to join the cause and back Dementia Awareness Day 2012!

New Cause page.

As some of you will know, AskMyCommunity was the founder and creator of another Cause page aimed at Dementia. Sadly due to hackers getting our old account we no longer have access to that Cause page which is an incredibly shame as we had thousands upon…Read More
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