An interesting opinion!

Dear Editor Music piracy is hardly highlighted in the South African media and I fear that little is known about it in our communities. Hundreds of millions of Rands are lost to music piracy every year and many citizens are unwittingly participating in the…Read More

Support from local sound company!

A local sound company has expressed their support for this cause! "Now this is a cause we can relate to. Many of the musicians we work with live with a constant fear of the effects of piracy and intellectual property theft. It's so easy to steal music these…Read More

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Nice Website

Go check out this website for some interesting info

Origin of this project

This cause was started as part of a university project for a journalism course. However, it really is a worthwhile cause that anybody can contribute to. All you have to do is go buy the CD. CD's have better audio quality and are the very best way to back up…Read More
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