Thank You to Everyone For All of the Support!

Our founder, Johnathan Chen, sent out a birthday wish through our cause page asking to raise money for our campaign. We would like to let everyone know that we were able to raise $155 dollar towards our Water Campaign for this year. He expresses his sincerest…Read More

Founder's Birthday Wish

We're trying to match our Founder's age with number of T-Shirt forms that are sent in before Friday, if not more! If you have expressed interest in buying a shirt, but have not sent in a form online yet, please do this as soon as possible! Three more weeks…Read More

Hey Guys!

Thank you for your continual support. We have decided to also open up a cause page on Facebook through This might make things easier to manage. We are hoping to get 1000 people on this page and on our fan page, please share this with your friends…Read More
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