To better understand and appreciate Lord Shiva, we can all contribute our ideas and knowledge

A cause for those who are deeply attached to Lord Shiva, or who finds him fascinating.

Lord Shiva's values are universally encompassing, for those who want to reflect on their way of life, a lot of amazing insights can be learned from Lord Shiva.

Everyone is open to join the group and share their knowledge and experience

1. Lord Shiva has been wrongly labeled as a lord of destruction. Lord Shiva performs multiple tasks at different stages, a well orchestrated universe

2. Lord Shiva is the greatest ascetic, who transcends time, death, illusion, and attachments

3. Lord Shiva instills the value to look beyond what we see. The "three eyed" god sees beyond material

4. Lord Shiva absorbs the "poison" for the benefit and good of everyone

5. Lord Shiva's form holds symbolisms that instill some of the most amazing values