bring safe, reliable high speed rail to California.

California is the world's eighth-largest economy and its twelfth-largest polluter. Sustaining the state's robust economic growth, while also curbing its greenhouse gas emissions, is impossible without addressing the problem of increasingly-congested highways and intrastate air travel. The old solutions, however -- widening roads and building more airports -- have almost reached their feasible limits.

Other countries, such as Japan, Germany, and France, have known the answer for years: high-speed rail. Now, we want to build such a system here in California, initially connecting the Bay Area with Los Angeles and eventually stretching from Sacramento to San Diego. Imagine it: a safe, reliable, and comfortable way to travel from San Francisco to LA in two-and-a-half hours, without the hassle of airport security or urban gridlock.

This is not a luxury. This is an investment essential for California's future.

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1. California needs a high-speed rail system to both grow economically and curb dangerous greenhouse gases.