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A tool to reach your U.S. Senators directly to support Senate Bill S. 409 - legislation to enact a national March 29th VIETNAM VETERANS DAY

LET US ACCOMPLISH THIS THE WEEK OF MARCH 17th - during office hours
Please send out a message to all in your state that you can reach and have them spread the word to support the national March 29th Vietnam Veterans day by going to the website that tracks Senate bill S. 409 and have them click on the tab "CALL CONGRESS" and they will be connected (after entering some information and via a call back to your phone) to your state's Senators - the message from callers to the Senator's staff that answers should be "We want my Senator to cosponsor Senate Bill S.409 to establish a national March 29th Vietnam Veterans Day and give their name and city of residence". This site will allow them to call both of your state's Senators in that one session. May you and your state have a memorable March 29 Vietnam Veterans Day. You can contact me directly at [email protected]

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