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Heaven is a state of being


Hey everybody,

Just had to share this story today :

Anita Moorjani experienced a truly remarkable NDE which has been documented on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website as one of the most exceptional accounts on their archives. She had end-stage cancer and on February 2, 2006, and while her body was in a coma, she crossed over to the other side.

“I felt tremendous love, more than anything I have experienced on earth. I felt very loved, like no matter what I did, I would still be loved. I did not have to do anything to deserve it or prove myself.

I was surrounded by many beings, including my father and my best friend who had passed on. I did not recognize the other beings, but I knew they loved me very much and were protecting me. I became aware that they were there all the time, even when I was not aware of it. And another thing is that, there was this incredible understanding of how we are all interconnected. And how what I felt within me affects my whole universe. It felt like the whole universe is within me. As far as I am concerned, if I am happy, the universe is happy. If I love myself, everyone else will love me. If I am at peace, the whole universe is peaceful.

I understood why I had the cancer, I understood how people get what they do, and I understood that life is a gift, but we don’t realize it. I understood that we are very, very loved, no matter what. I realized we create our own heaven or hell here on earth, and I learned the key ingredients for creating my own heaven on earth. My best friend was there (who had died of cancer 2 years before) and she told me that this was as far as I could go or I would not be able to turn back. “You have come to the edge. This is as far as you can go” she said. “Now go back and live your life fully and fearlessly”.

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