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Mang Rudy Project

In other news, when i saw the post from Purina Nestle about the Mang Rudy Project, I thought it was for Kabang, considering that the name of the owner of Kabang is Rudy. But when i opened the link and read it. Here's what i found out.

*by: Jason Quema

He lives in a "kariton (card board box)" across PCSO, formerly QI along E. Rodriguez, and he takes care of them by scavenging food, recycling and parking cars. We were amazed with how healthy and happy his dogs were considering Mang Rudy's situation.

A far cry from most people who live in actual houses and have food to eat but mistreat their pets. When we interviewed him, he said he sees himself in these homeless dogs - "kung walang gagawa neto, eh di sino pa".

I saw him again a few days ago and has now adopted 2 more dogs plus 2 cats.

Right now we are just beginning to put something up for him.

Our main goals:

1. Provide the immediate things that Mang Rudy and his dogs/cats need.

2. And eventually help Mang Rudy and his pets find a good home. Help Mang Rudy be self-sustaining.

3. Eventually have them neutered and spayed, to prevent more homeless dogs and cats from multiplying.

Kudos to Mang Rudy!
Kahit ang walang-wala, ay pwedeng tumulong sa hayop. =)


I will be dropping by Mang Rudy's place as soon as possible ^_^


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