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FYI ^_^

I have made this cause page to let the world know about Kabang and to seek help for her in my own way.

I am a bit disappointed that the very person who headed the Help Kabang program is calling this cause page illegitimate and because of that people are starting to see this as a scam.

FYI: i am not collecting any donations for Kabang, in fact every time people ask me where to send their donations i forwarded it to them. Even though they haven't replied to my emails regarding my inquiry about the welfare of Kabang.

I am always checking for new updates regarding Kabang... since no one is getting back at me. Even though with countless emails to her attending vet. so i relay on the public posts that they do regarding her welfare.

so, friends ^_^ if u would like to know more about the welfare of Kabang and her authenticity, please contact Animal Welfare Coalition and her attending Vet.. Dr. Anton Lim... i have noticed they do reply with foreign inquiries regarding kabang.

As of now there is no new updates regarding Kabang.

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