Stop the Wisconsin Wolf Slaughter with a lawsuit .

The hunting lobby just voted to run dogs on coyotes day and night year-round through the 9 -day "traditional" part of the deer slaughter when 600,000 hunters are in the woods shoulder to shoulder driving deer toward another line of hunters. If they killing…Read More

WOLF kill bill final vote Tues. March 13 / EMAIL WI REPS from all over the country

The only place to stop this torture, trap, and kill Wisconsin 800 wolves just off the endangered species listing Jan. 27, 2012 - is the vote on Tuesday, March 13 in the assembly on AB502. Please take time to email in to all reps. from all over the country…Read More

WISCONSIN WOLVES! Tuesday only hearing on SB411 to slaughter our 800 wolves every way including with packs of dogs

Packs of dogs and armed men with crossbows, traps, guns and lights running the dogs 24/7 four and half months - only your standing against this can support the Indian Tribes in averting this obscenity. Please network and sign, network and network . Thanks!

Hearing on Wolf kill bill Tues. Feb. 28, 10:30 a.m. Room 300 Southeast, Madison state capital

Please network this out to all of your friends to sign and continue on to their friends - particularly the only hearing to Wisconsin citizens so they can attend. We need all the signatures you can muster by networking in a day and a half or our wolf families…Read More

URGENT: The hearing on slaughtering Wisconsin wolves is this TUESDAY, Feb. 28...

Thank you so much for networking this - let's blow this out of the woods with an effort for me to take 50,000 petitions to this corrupt kill it all legislature this Tuesday. If all of you invite all your friends and each of them bring in a hundred friends -…Read More


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