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Is the industry genuine?

Have you any personal experience that involves gang activity or organ donations? In Ohio, they bonded the State Of Ohio Driver's licenses or has a state of Ohio identification card with the Organ Transplant industry, so that anyone who drives a car 'could be' a potential donor.
Rochester, Minnesota has a large hospital - The Mayo Clinic which is known around the world as a transplants hospital. The area also has a 'waiting' and 'healing' home located at the back exit of The Dorothy Day House, which is a 14 day stay facility for homeless people in the area. At the time when we were there, a group of Algerians were also there in a men's meeting. The area has apartments for people who are in recovery via the Salvation Army, but no Salvation Army. Rochester, Minnesota is a nice area, but not for homeless people unless their stay is short for one reason or another. This is a point of interest only. :)

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