The best movie theater in the world? In Athens, under Acropolis

According to you will find this in historical Athens and is called Cine Thisio. Check here: . I also like Aigli-Zapeion, where you can accompany your movie with an…Read More

Support Greece by spending three memorable weeks

Three weeks in Greece Actually, it is not enough, but is still a very good start. Before visiting the islands, start with some days in Athens, then spend a week in Hydra, Spetses and the Western Peloponisos, and finish with a long week in the Cyclades. As…Read More

ATHENS: FAST FRIDAY a film from sam rowland

For the fourth issue of Boat Magazine ( the team spent two weeks in Athens. Film-maker Sam Rowland tells the story of the resurgence of cycling in the city. Meeting an art director who learned to ride at 30, and cycling with fixed-gear club Fast…Read More

A great photo album

This summer my friend, colleague and neighbour Miguel visited Greece and made a great tour outside the beaten paths: Athens-Sifnos-Milos-Folegandros-Santorini. His own Odyssey is captured in these beautiful pictures, which have an unusual force compared to…Read More

Young Greeks plenty of ideas / Νέοι της Αθήνας "φιλοξενούν"

Young Greeks become creative. They offer customised travel experiences for small groups and their aim is to offer a great time in Athens! They will take guests where only Athenians go to eat, swim, chat, shop or spend their evening, away from the tourist…Read More

Success stories / Ιστορίες επιτυχίας

Ο Νικόλας "έψησε" δεκατέσσερα (14) άτομα από τη δουλειά του και κατεβήκανε για δύο εβδομάδες στον Αργοσαρωνικό για μαθήματα ιστιοπλοϊας. Κάνανε μπάνιο δίπλα σε δελφίνια, ανεβήκανε σε βράχια, φάγανε φρέσκο ψάρι στα κάρβουνα και γυρίσανε με ένα πλατύ χαμόγελο,…Read More

Φετος υποδεχομαστε φιλους / This year we host friends

Ακούω από διαφόρους φίλους, κύρια Γερμανούς, ότι ενώ θέλουν να πάνε φέτος στην Ελλάδα και να την βοηθήσουν με τα χρήματά τους να βγεί από την κρίση, φ ο β ο ύ ν τ α ι. Φοβούνται ότι μετά τα αρνητικά σχόλια που έγραψε ο ελληνικός τύπος για τη Γερμανία και τα…Read More
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