Back to STOP the Methamphetamine Drug Dealing at the Vista Sunrise Special Needs Apartments in Palm Springs

Dear Queen Latifah

Dear Queen Latifah, Happy Belated Birthday. We need your Help to bring about UNITY by removing this on going dysfunction that affects every single one of us.

  The HIV + Prostitutes aka Escorts and HIV + Crystal Meth dealers aka HUD residents at the Vista Sunrise Special needs Apartment Complex in Palm Springs California are gearing up for the Big turn out at White Party 2013. While the Desert AIDS Project is expecting several more new cases of sexually transmitted diseased people the Party leaves behind each year. Are we not to worry as the entire community joins together to celebrate this on going non-productive sick mess at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards each year with Hollywood Celebrities.

  The Palm Springs California Police Officers are under direct orders not to arrest anyone that is Selling Meth as they will be charged with a Hate Crime and will be terminated from the Police force. That is why there is never a drug bust at "White Party Palm Springs" when we both know that their are always plenty of street drugs at public raves.

  No one is doing anything as it still go's on every single day year after year. People to sick to work but well enough to Party sell Crystal Meth and spread disease. That is why the Desert AIDS Project is always asking for more money so they can upgrade their clinics. It is all about putting the entire planet at Risk with the Help of the Palm Springs International Airport to fly infected people to all points.

  Thank you for your time
  Craig Hill
  I am American Man who is HIV+
Who was Evicted with no place to go for blowing the Whistle on the daily dealing of Crystal Meth and illegal Gun sales at this AIDS Housing Complex operated by the Desert AIDS Project.


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