STOP the Waste Fraud and Illegal LGBT Drug Dealing at the Desert AIDS Project Housing complex in Palm Springs California.

LGBT civil rights activists for the last twenty years, Carol and Mike Balasa have been involved with Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PGLAG) since just after their daughter came out to them in 1992. They have marched in Pride parades,…Read More

LGBTQ Nation to be held financially responsible for these continued illegal activities governed by the LGBTQ Nation.

We Gay HIV positive Men of Palm Springs California have had zero problem keeping the Crystal Meth flowing in from our Desert Borders from Mexico. We sell it at the Gay Men's Crystal Meth Sex Resorts in town and at the Desert AIDS Project Housing complex. Its…Read More

Dear Queen Latifah

Dear Queen Latifah, Happy Belated Birthday. We need your Help to bring about UNITY by removing this on going dysfunction that affects every single one of us.   The HIV + Prostitutes aka Escorts and HIV + Crystal Meth dealers aka HUD residents at the Vista…Read More

Why the Authorities nor Palm Springs Business Owners don't get involved

Lolakana223 - 15 Oct 2006 20:26 GMT Has anyone else heard of Palm Springs being a mecca for gay tweekers?, Methanphetamine users aka Meth Heads. My gay brother often heads there with a car full of human trash from the gay bar for a weekend-long meth & sex…Read More

Palm Springs Business Owners turn Blind Eyes

Doing nothing Allows Evils to Prevail. AIDS and HIV + Crystal Methanphetamine use Promotes the Daily spread of the Virus. It is time we stand together and STOP it now! Please Join Us or Pass this on to someone that wants to get involved with Cleaning up OUR…Read More


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