Title: Yekatit for Unity Education Month: for the Adwa Victory of Yekatit 23, 1888 (Eth.Cal) Yekatit (February), dedicate the entire month for all Ethiopians to teach and learn about Ethiopian unity.

1. The Victory of Adwa against European colonial-imperial aggression was won by the unity of all Ethiopians under the leader, Menelik II, who believed in unity and succeeded to unite all Ethiopians to lead them to the Adwa victory. The Adwa Victory achieved by the united Ethiopians is also a true African victory.

2. The lesson to learn from the Adwa Victory is that when Ethiopians unite, success is certain; when they are divided, failure follows.

3. Ethiopian ought to reject failure and say no to all those who use language, religion, region, ethnicity, colour, race or any form of cultural variation or attributes of biology as a tool for political self-gain.

4. Ethiopians must raise high the decolonising liberation imagination of the Adwa Victory that brought so much dignity to all Africans and use it as a logo or brand to implement comprehensive unity by rejecting today’s the ethnic dividers.

5. The Adwa Victory as a true African Victory is anchored in history as the expression of Ethiopia’s decolonisation resistance- liberation added data to the full freedom of the entire African universe.

6. The Adwa victory has secured a permanent place in history that Ethiopia is one of the core providers of African unity, and all people threatened by any form of colonialism.

7. With the history lessons of the Adwa victory, let all Ethiopians reject language-based division, say NO to vernacularism, NO to Ethiopian disunity and a BIG YES to re-unification of Ethiopians as Ethiopians first and as brothers and sisters of fellow Africans.

8. Let all Ethiopians build unity by practising it. Call on Ethiopians to demand that all without any exception join like their ancestors to yield an enduring liberation imagination for all Africa; unite the current ethnically divided ‘killeles’ and ethnic political parties and fronts by saying never again to all the rampant degrading ethnicism and division Ethiopia has been forced to suffer to this day.

9. Demand that all the month of February be dedicated to re-educate the divided to be united in Ethiopia. Let all Ethiopians unite and reject the current use of fracturing the country into ethnic divisions with multi-flags by reclaiming the age-old Etioyopiyawinet to secure and build Ethiopia as one indivisible part of the Africa-nation.

10. Let all unite especially all the varied political fronts, groups and actors to reject their ethnic sectarianism, to make Ethiopia play its rightful role in its forward political and historical trajectory and to serve as a beacon of African Unity by changing the current warped political paradigm of ethnic division to Ethiopian unity that has been founded on the long history, civilisation, values and shared unity identity project. The best way to predict Ethiopia’s future is to reject ethnicism and division and welcome Ethiopian unity by recreating it! Nothing can beat the unity imagination founded on the resistance and liberation history emanating from the Adwa Victory. Let us all stand together on the historic occasion of the Adwa Victory to demand education for:

“All to one Ethiopia, One Ethiopia to All “(Abate Kassa)

The Battle of Adawa

An encounter with the Black Lion
in the valley of Adawa,
The red fox across the river
send her cubs, to tell the lion
that he is not a match
if she chooses to snatch
the meat from his mouth.

© Lemlem Tsegaw, from A Mother’s Eye View, 1997, P. 27