Shea had the surgery today and is doing well!. Please join Shea's facebook page at Save Retired K9 Shea for upcoming details Thankfully the town is now providing for Shea.. I want to thank you for joining the case and for upcoming details please check out Shea's facebook page at Save Retired K9 Shea.

Shea story is being aired tonight on channel 7 at 11pm

Great News!

With the help of channel 7 on your side, the Town of Ramapo is finally going to provide for Shea! His story will be aired Wednesday on Channel 7 at 11:00pm. Shea's surgery is already scheduled for Friday. I want to THANK YOU for joining the cause to Save…Read More

Big day for Shea

Shea won over two new friends today. His story will be coming to the small screen soon!

new facebook page for Shea

check out shea's facebook page at Save retired k9 shea

Update on Save Shea

We appreciate you joining Save Shea's cause. This site is to show the lack of support that Shea is getting from his former employer. Although, we appreciate your offers. This site is not intended to collect donations, it is to raise awareness about this…Read More
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