Why it's illegal...

...Because it interferes with their profits!


Thank you all so much for joining & asking others to join! Please help us spread awareness on this issue as much as possible. Thank you for helping to end the administration's reign of terror on cannabis users!

Please Share

Alright! The damage these children are going to suffer from losing their mother FAR outweighs any "damages" being done by cannabis use! This is what we are fighting to stop! This is why everyone needs to share this and stories like Ramarley Graham! The…Read More

Tell your lawmakers to support HR2306!

This link has a form to fill out that will automatically send an email to your local representative. Please tell them today to support HR2306 the ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011’. Thank you & please help share!

Feb. 7, Photographic proof of Cannabis curing cancer!

Cannabis Science first reported this patient in a news release dated January 19, 2012, this current series of photos show the disappearance of a biopsied squamous cell tumor after self- administration of topical cannabis extracts over a 3-month period. Thanks…Read More

We must stop this from ever happening again

Please help us put an end to these disastrous drug policies!
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