Documentary of Syrian Medical Crisis by American-Syrian Society

As the friend of a Syrian family who has lost five relatives and recently had an 85-year-old uncle shot while praying in a mosque, I have become aware of the medical crisis in many parts of Syria. My friend's uncle received no professional medical care but…Read More

The UN Continues it's Course

UN Security Council has unanimously approved deployment of first wave of Syria ceasefire observers. PRAY FOR SYRIA!

News Update: AFP: China calls on #Syria to honor ceasefire commitment

Pray for Syria.

Sunday's Losses - Martyrs for Syria

SSunday drew to an end with 69 martyrs in Syria including several women and children, the martyrs are distributed as follows: 28 martyrs in Idlib, 10 among them were unidentified in the village of Sahel Roh, 19 martyrs in Homs, 12 martyrs in Hama among them 7…Read More


Music of the Twenty-First Century - Please Pass This on!

The Vietnamese War had Country Joe and the Fish, Joanie Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Now the musicians of today are making their voices hear regarding the Syrian Revolution. (Thanks to Syrian Days of Rage and…Read More

From The Syrian Days of Rage - Please post comments if you have time - and, as always, let your friends know!

If you haven't seen Annan's six-point peace plan, here it is: 1. Syrian-led political process to address the aspirations and concerns of the Syrian people 2. UN-supervised cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties to protect civilians 3.…Read More
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