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WWF ACTION: Say NO to dirty coal in Scotland!

Scotland set the most ambitious targets of any country in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So why is it now considering the development of a new coal-fired power station?

We need as many people as possible to write to the Scottish Government and ask them to reject this plan, because cleaner, greener alternatives exist. It doesn't matter where you live in the world – this proposal affects everyone.

We have until July 15th to try and stop this major step back for Scotland.

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We influenced before!

Two years ago we wrote to you to ask you to urge the Scottish Government to be ambitious in its proposed Climate Change Act. Almost 20,000 WWF supporters wrote in – the second biggest response to any government consultation in Scotland – and as a result helped secure Scotland’s world-leading Climate Change Act, with targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that scientists recommend that all developed countries should take if we are to avoid the impacts of catastrophic climate change.

Now the Act is in place, we need your help again.

So please let the Scottish Government know that you think they should be providing a better example to the rest of the world – send your email NOW asking them to reject this proposal.We have until July 15th to try and stop this major step back for Scotland.

Thank you!

Julie Stoneman
WWF Scotland Campaigns Officer

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