Peer mediation is ...

the new name of the Talitha Kumi Brass band (0% people answered this) a medieval way of creating harmony in the community (0% people answered this) a programme for training students how they can deal with conflicts in a non-violent way and support others…Read More

Reporting about the "Talitha Kumi Peer Mediation Project" in a school in Germany

Hi everybody, Hoping things are great with all of you, I want to update you on the project. On 5 and 6 July we are invited to give a talk in several classes in a school in Germany about the project. I am very grateful for this invitation and I am especially…Read More

Mediation song for all of you!

Hi everybody, 3 months have passed and so I want to update you on the Talitha Kumi Peer Mediation project! At the moment, Marcus is spending time in Palestine to deliver the "Peer Mediation Training for Trainers". The teachers' team will be trained together…Read More

Birthday donation

I had my birthday on Saturday, 18th February. I received a lot of wonderful wishes. I am so grateful for that. Now I would like to make a gift for the Talitha Kumi Peer Mediation Project with your help. I want to ask you to donate a (small) amount to the…Read More

30 members recruited within 3 days! You are great!

You are wonderful, we have reached 30 new members now for our cause within only 3 days! This is a great number! We would like to recruit 50 members until 18 February - let's see if that is possible! We hope to reward you for your efforts with a recording of…Read More

Can you help us recruit more members?

THANK YOU for joining the cause Talitha Kumi "Peer Mediation Project". It is great to see that so many people are interested and care about the project! This is wonderful! Shukran! We would like to keep you informed about the project and answer your questions…Read More

Donation details will be posted soon!

Great people, the donation details will be posted soon. Please stay with us and recruit more people meanwhile. Thanks so much! Yours, Sophie & the peer mediation team
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