The FDA has become out of control. They are banning vitamins, walnuts, and other health products that have shown to be beneficial. They are working for big drug companies not for the American Citizen

The FDA has become a evil beast. It prevents cures from getting to the public. It steals cures and harmless supplements that have been around for thousands of years or more and make them a "Medicine" so that you can't use them. The FDA favors large pharmaceutical industries over harmless supplements. The FDA trades CEO of large Pharms with FDA heads regularly. Most prominent is Monsanto. The FDA is keeping cures from the public, and favoring padding it's and Big Pharms' pockets.
It's all about big money to the Big Pharm. The FDA and Big Pharm are coupled at the hip. They serve Big Pharm and lobbyists money, they do not serve the American people.

They MUST go, please join and show your support for ending the FDA.

While our stupid Big Government may not end the FDA, perhaps they will see that many of us see the problem, and correct the problems with the FDA.