PLEASE NOTE. WE NEED 100000 Co-Sponsors on the White Petition site for this.

Please note that we need 100000 people to sign the petition on the White Petition site. For some reason 50 got stuck into some of the posting.   We need lots of signatures. Let's get Monsanto, and other Big Pharma out of the FDA.  And let's get labeling of…Read More

Tell the FDA to leave food supplements and organics alone

The FDA's new mission is to further help the Big Pharma and other big corporations. Tell them to leave out vitamins, supplements and organic food alone. Tell them to get take their hands off and keep them off. .

FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures

FDA hiding Cancer cures

FDA will go to any lengths to keep real cures from people, to keep the money flowing to the Big Pharm

End the FDA

Please invite as many friends that you can. Let's make this mean something.

The FDA is a beast that needs to be tamed.

Let's show them to power of the people. Let's show them that we are fed up with their actions and inactions. Ties between FDA and Big Pharm needs to be broken. How stupid is it for the head of Monsanto to take over the FDA? Tell the FDA we are tired of their…Read More


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