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Update on October 01, 2012

Before I give you the official response from Facebook I want to link you to my blog. It has a good story that will help you also see that word of mouth can be just as powerful and effective to help someone understand that their symptoms could be ovarian cancer.

Facebook Inc,

September 24, 2012

Hello Denise Archuleta,

Thanks so much for your interest in partnering with us. One of the reasons we work at Facebook is because we want our product to help make the world a better place. Today, there are thousands of non-profit organizations using Facebook to further their missions and we love that.

While we're busy building a platform for every person to use, we unfortunately don't have the resources to talk to every single organization. The good news is that our products are available to everyone and free to use, and we have resources to help you use them to their full potential.

Below you'll find a series of links that should be helpful in getting your presence launched on Facebook and maximizing your impact:

• Facebook Non-Profits Page: You'll find information about creative ways people in the space are using Facebook at For example,we recently featured City Harvest's 'Donate your Status' campaign, where donations were pledged for each status update that spread the word about City Harvest's food drives.

• Facebook Marketing Solutions Page: General tips on how to use Facebook to further your message. Be sure to click on the 'Resources' tab, which has a lot of best practices and specific instructions on how to set up and maximize your presence:

• Facebook Platform Page: If you work with developers, we have resources about how they can use Facebook at,or they can learn about how to plug Facebook into your own site at

To learn more about Facebook Ads and how to purchase them,visit We're constantly updating these resources as we roll out new products and showcase new
ways to use Facebook. Be sure to check back for updates and new information.


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