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Update on September 26, 2012

Hello family and I hope you are well today. I just wanted to update you on the latest actions. I will copy below the cover letter and petitions signatures that were Fed Ex'd to Corporate Offices in Menlo Park, CA. This is the third time they have received petition signatures in one format or another.

I printed all of these on teal paper.....

After having spoken with sales representatives several times, I need to find a new contact.

I have posted the latest cover letter along with links to the cause pages and the CDC Inside Knowledge campaign, on multiple platforms, such as
Facebook Palo Alto, FB Marketing, FB Celebrity, etc.

Our membership has doubled in the past month, which is exciting

Since September is coming to an end, our focus will be the cause, and any month works for us. So this will not stop, will not fade out, will not sit idle and instead will remain a priority.

You guys are right too, it's not just Facebook, but Google, Yahoo, etc.

I will be handing out awareness cards in Downtown Seattle this weekend. No matter what, our individual efforts, conversations with a friend, or even taking a few symptom cards to your doctors office, will make a difference. Everything we do makes a difference.

PS...if anyone in this group has recommendations for letters, content or ideas, you can let me know. I would love more help and ideas. Hugs and prayers and peace!

Facebook, Inc.
1601 Willow Road,
Menlo Park, CA 94025

September 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

My name is Denise Archuleta and I am a faithful customer of Facebook. Your platform has changed the world, much for the better. Because of Facebook's global reach, I am writing a plea to you to offer a Public Service Announcement about Ovarian Cancer. You could save many lives by helping our cause.

I have enclosed a petition with signatures from men and women all over the world who have been affected by this deadly disease. The stories shared are heartbreaking. Senseless loss of life happens every day due to ovarian cancer. We need to empower women and men with more information so that they can spot the subtle symptoms associated with ovarian cancer. Many organizations are joining hands to make a plea to you raise awareness of this cancer.

There is no screening tool and the symptoms are very frequently misdiagnosed, causing women to be diagnosed at advanced stages when the remission rate is very low.

I am in a recurrence of Stage IIIC ovarian cancer, and my tumors were very aggressive upon diagnosis. I almost died, and now that I am in a recurrence, my chances of a progression free survival have declined.

I started my Cause page a year ago and now our membership is almost 3000 people! Approximately 22,000 women each year are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and around 15,000 die each year in the United States. Considering those numbers, there is a statistically significant membership amongst this Cause community. They are relying on you!

My cause page is
Please turn the Sign In page or the Sign Out page Teal with an "awareness message" linking people to the CDC Inside Knowledge Campaign at Please contact me as time is running out. I have sent many requests and spoken with several people at Facebook, but cannot get further than a paid advertisement. I am a single person who has the backing of thousands of people who need your help.

Warm regards,

Denise Archuleta
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