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Update on September 18, 2012

I spoke with Facebook again today, a very helpful gentleman named Nick. He took a lot of time to listen to our needs and searched and located our cause page.

The bottom line is that I requested that he forward our cause to someone within the organization to rethink their position on PSA. He stated that all PSA "type" events are paid for, but offered an alternative to the pricey homepage

He said that for 2-3K we can run a PSA/advertisement for 30 days, with the assistance of people from facebook to target the proper message to the proper audiences.

I am not a non-profit of my own. Many members of this cause are affiliated with or are leaders of a non-profit group that helps to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and funds for members needs and research.

I am asking that any individual or group that may be interested in pooling together money for a side page ad, please contact me.

My idea is that we can pool several organizations together and share the space.

I personally cannot fund this, I am on a fixed income. I personally do not want to start a non-profit when there are so many non-profits out there doing good work.

I am a facilitator and I believe we are making headway.

We may be able to negotiate the price and I am not giving up on a PSA being placed on Facebook's sign in or sign out page, but they seem firm on the 50K dollars.

Thank you for your unwavering support and belief that we are making a difference.


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