Photos for your consideration... Are you ok with animals living like this?

This is what I am being sued for.... showing the truth. Please view my page Born To Be Loud, and form your own opinion. Fair? Not fair? Who is right?

Petition to End the Chaining of Dogs and Enact Housing and Environmental Standards Statewide

My name is Allyson and I was Born To Be Loud. I created this page to invite each of you who visits to form your own opinion on an important matter. I have always believed in three deeply felt principles: ---Don’t ever be afraid to work hard ---Speak out for…Read More

Unchain our Pets and Support Minimum Animal Housing in RI 2012

Please sign this petition in support of RI Bill 2035. This Bill is scheduled to be discussed at the RI Senate hearing on February 15, 2012. I will be testifying on behalf of concerned citizens who want to end this here in our State. Make your voice heard and…Read More
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