It's OFFICIAL!!!!!

On August 24, 2011 my son was blown up in Sangin Afganistan. On that day he was promised the adoption of his partner Imi. All of you here know the battle that we have been fighting to make that happen...................... it has been all I could do to keep…Read More

Please email

Secretary of the Navy will make final decision as to whether Jeremy will be able to adopt Imi [email protected]

This guy will make final decision on Jeremy getting Imi

If anyone wants to send letters, this is the big guy that we are looking to for the final approval: Honorable Ray Mabus Secretary of the Navy 1000 Navy Pentagon Washington, DC 20350-1000


Got an email this morning and I am posting a portioin of it. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING, God has got this!!!!!!!!!! "I received the results of the bite muzzle assessment and Imi PASSED. The paperwork is going through the chain of command to the Secretary of the…Read More

Is the Command gonna be for us or against us?????????????

I found out today that on Dec. 30, 2005 President Bush signed into law a bill that allows MWD's to retire early and their handlers adopt them if there is a traumatic event. I sent this to the Military Working Dog Operations Manager at Lackland AFB as I was…Read More

Help a Battlefield Promise to be Kept!!!!!!

Promise Definition: In general, a declaration, written or verbal, made by one person to another, which binds the person who makes it to do, or to forbear to do, a specified act; a declaration which gives to the person to whom it is made a right to expect or…Read More

Please continue to support! Tell everyone you know!

Ok I guess it's time for round two. Of course the Command at the kennels where Imi is sent test in deeming her to be "usuable equipment". The paperwork has now gone to the AF which in turn is sending packages to Raymond F Geoffroy, Assistant Deputy Commandant…Read More
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